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How to Do a Bat Survey

Do you want to learn how to do a bat survey in your garden? If the answer is "Hell yes!", then you've come to the right place! 

All you need to do is download one of our free bat survey sheets, grab a pen and head to your garden.

Starting 15 minutes before sunset, record any bats (or bat passes) that you see or hear (if using a detector - grab yours here). We are looking for data on bat activity so even if you think you’ve seen the same bat twice, pop it down on the sheet. Spend an hour or so after sunset carrying out your survey. We’ve got a free “how-to guide” for you to download if you need any help!

You don’t need any prior knowledge or any fancy equipment (if you have a detector - brilliant!). Just sit back and try to fill out as much information on the survey sheet as possible.


Don’t forget to share your bat pics* (no flash!) and surveying selfies, we love communicating with you! We'd love to see your batty pics, and you can tag us in using #conservationchatuk.

*Remember that bats are protected by international and domestic legislation so please don’t handle any bats unless you are trained to do so and do not disturb them in any way. Bats are light sensitive so ensure you do not shine your torch directly at them

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