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This is not a drill

This is not a drill. We have to act now.

Australia is burning.

California is burning.

The UK is flooding.

The Maldives are sinking.

The Great Barrier Reef is bleaching.

Antarctica will be reduced to an ice cube.

It isn't enough to pick up a few crisp wrappers off the beach anymore. Yes, this is incredibly important and helpful to the environment, but it will not stop the catastrophic effects of climate change.

We need a drastic change and we all need to do our bit, immediately.

You can drastically reduce your carbon footprint by doing any of the following, however taking all on board will have the most impact:

1. Boycott beef and dairy.

2. Boycott palm oil.

3. Fly less and offset the carbon when you do fly.

4. Carpool, use public transport or upgrade to an electric car.

5. Switch your household energy supplier to a green provider e.g. Octopus.

6. Say no to fast fashion and buy sustainable or second hand items.

7. Consume less in general; manufacturing luxury items takes a huge toll on the environment.

8. Buy food as locally as possible and when in season.

9. Plant trees, build a garden, support wildlife.

10. Vote for a green government.

There are so many things we can do to help prevent the complete decimation of our once beautiful and rich planet. The only planet that we know of in the entire universe to have water, forest, desert, ice and the most amazingly diverse selection of species.

There will be no world without biodiversity. Let's work hard to attempt to reverse this terrifying reality.


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