Spring, Summer & Another Plastic Nightmare

Winter is officially over and Spring is rearing her beautiful head. Daffodils and crocuses fill the landscape, buds and shoots appear on trees and you can quite literally smell hope in the air.

While dog days of weather are likely over (hopefully we won’t receive another Beast from the East), wildlife still needs our help.

As the weather warms and lockdown restrictions are lifted, people will begin to flood beaches, woodlands and meadows with the intention to enjoy the sea air, salt water and green, green grass. Unfortunately, with mass people comes mass destruction.

Last summer, our shackles were released and there was a significant influx in litter. People were leaving their food packaging in piles along our coast, bagged dog mess was hung on tree branches, and face masks were popping up absolutely everywhere!

Unsuspecting seabirds were photographed tangled in single-use PPE, and this was in addition to the usual mess of plastic rubbish they have to wade through on a daily basis.

I suppose what I am getting at here is, we must not forget ourselves. Yes, it is fantastic that Spring is here and Summer is just around the corner, not to mention that the nightmare of COVID-19 seems to be slowly backing off, but we mustn't revert back to our old ways. We had just started making good progress with tackling the plastic problem and it seems to me that we have very quickly settled back into old ways and bad habits.

So what can we do to prevent another plastic nightmare?

  1. Cut the strings on your used face covering before you throw them away, and make sure you throw them in the bin.

  2. Take your rubbish home with you after a day out in nature and ensure to dispose of it responsibly.

  3. Pick up rubbish on the beach, in the street and in the woods. Even if it wasn't your mess, it is mess in your environment. We all have a responsibility to make our green spaces green again!

  4. If you are a dog owner, please do not bag up your dog’s poop, and throw it in a bush. Use the allocated dog mess bins, or take it home with you.

There are of course many other ways we can reduce our waste and turn the plastic tide, but I think in the grand scheme of things we often forget to do the bare minimum.

Let’s make this summer the best yet. A summer of freedom and clean, green spaces.

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