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Partnerships for the planet

There has never been a more important time to work together to address the challenges faced by us all. Some of these include global and local climate change, habitat degradation and species extinction. Far too often we see individuals and organizations competing against each other to achieve the same goals. Unfortunately, within the field of nature conservation, ego can sometimes rule and obstruct the goal of protecting nature.

At Conservation Chat UK we want to do things differently, role our sleeves up and get on with raising awareness about animals and the natural world. We believe the most effective way we can do this is by embracing collaboration and sharing our work with as many people as possible. Our ethos is to move away from win/lose scenarios and move toward win/win situations, where all stakeholders can be successful but where the ultimate winner is the environment.

We are proud to have already worked with many fantastic individuals and organizations, and we look forward to sharing their successes throughout 2020 and beyond. We also have exciting collaborations in the pipeline!

We are a small organization but our purpose is to be the voice of the voiceless and engage with as many people as possible. We can be more successful in achieving this goal if we work with, rather than against other organizations and passionate individuals.

Our methods of engagement include public events such as lectures, workshops and conferences, as well as utilizing the power of social media to provide free resources such as blogs and podcasts. We are passionate about conservation communication and will work hard to develop a system free of bureaucracy and red-tape, and a system that aims to share our passion with as many people as possible while getting the job done.

Conservation is about engagement and listening, and we strive to do this to make positive change. If you are an organization involved with nature and the wider environment we would love to engage with you.

We are very proud to have already worked with the following organizations and individuals:

Operation Cetacean

The Seal Project

The UK Blue Shark Project

Lupine Media

Dr Samantha Law

University Center South Devon

South Devon College

University of Plymouth

Central Church, Torquay

Slapton Ley Field Studies Center


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