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Operation Cetacean has study published!

We are delighted to announce that our findings have been published in a very prestigious peer-reviewed journal, ‘Ocean and Coastal Management’. This journal has an Impact Factor of 3.043, and is in the top-quartile of all the journal publishing in the categories of Aquatic Science, Oceanography and Management, Monitoring, Policy and Law.

The research investigated the impact of marine vessels on the presence and behaviour of Harbour Porpoise off Berry Head, Brixham and highlights the vulnerability of the species.

Harbour Porpoise are the UK’s smallest cetacean and live in a constant struggle to feed. Unlike dolphins, the species is shy and any disturbance can affect their behaviour and ultimately survival. The authors call on all marine users to be mindful of this and respect these animals from a distance of at least 200m, it is also important to remember that any pursuit or harassment is against the law.

Follow the link to read the full article and enjoy 50 days of free access!

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